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    Jimmy Tan

    Dear ACCESS Youth Council Members,
    We at the PRISM project team want to ask for your feedback regarding our logo design. PRISM is a project embedded in ACCESS Open Minds and that aims to develop, implement, and evaluate the use of an Online Self-Referral Pathway to facilitate rapid and direct access to mental health services for youth.

    Much like a glass prism refracts light, PRISM as a project responds to youth’s intention to seek mental health services and directs that intention towards a variety of different resources. We wanted our logo to reflect that logic. Now, we need feedback to finalize the last couple of details: the graphic and the subtext layout.

    Please respond with the number of the logo version you prefer from the image below (attached), or your top two choices, if you can’t decide. If you have other suggestions, please write them below — we are open to ideas that haven’t been thought of yet. We hope to hear back from you by the holidays!


    PRISM Team

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