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    Justin Chung

    It was a pleasure to attend the Exec meeting on behalf of the Youth Council.

    I imagine there is pressure to realize the impact of ACCESS, but I believe they are trying not to compromise what we stand for.  The new methods to gather consistency among sites seem to earnestly show consideration for the less quantitative side of research.

    It was amazing to hear about the developments from the various sites and their practical approaches towards gaining momentum on both the site & national level.  Examples included having various champions lead the charge, learning from organizations who have policies/initiatives that are not found at a site, and using various advertising methods to gain more awareness for ACCESS in neighboring areas.  It also seems that youth are very engaged in each of the sites; specifically in designing spaces and techniques for youth.

    There is a fully developed organization that wants to join ACCESS, almost as a site, and does not want any financial support.  This is an incredible milestone showing the growing ACCESS network and the power that both ACCESS & organizations can receive by working together.

    I think I  attended a particularly successful Exec Meeting, but I am happy to hear updates of where ACCESS is heading.

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