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    Margot Nossal

    As ACCESS Open Minds sites around the country are being launched, young people are meeting with local service providers under the ACCESS Open Minds banner – and a lot of really great things are happening!

    One of the goals of the ACCESS Open Minds project is to facilitate a network of youth mental health service providers from across the country in discussing what has been working locally. The central team in Montreal has had a few Site Review Meeting teleconferences with site teams, to touch base following the initial training, and to share what has been learned from launching their sites and beginning data collection.

    It was discussed that it might be useful to share these notes, so that others in the network might exchange ideas about what works in starting up an ACCESS Open Minds service. I’ve attached the notes from the meeting with the ACCESS Open Minds Chatham-Kent site team ( @prireb @lubale @roelau ). Thanks to their team for offering to share these notes with the network. Everyone is invited to read these notes, react, ask questions, and share ideas – that’s part of what the ACCESS Open Minds transformation is about!

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