An innovative approach to understanding the service transformation journey

In addition to gathering quantitative insights on the impacts of integrated youth mental health services across ACCESS Open Minds sites, we have also been using innovative qualitative approaches to understand how the model was implemented in different communities. Practically, this has meant understanding how sites developed practices that respond to their unique needs, the role and importance of relationships within and between sites (the role and value of a network) and the experiences of ensuring sustainability.

Since the beginning of ACCESS Open Minds, youth and families/carers have been engaged in different aspects of the research process and projects, including the qualitative strategy.

This section will focus on early insights from interviews we conducted with stakeholders including youth, families, clinicians and decision-makers.

  • What was our research approach?

  • Whom did we interview?

  • What themes did we find?

  • What do youth and family think about the services?

  • What did we learn through this process?

The qualitative research also includes a youth and families/carers led Photovoice project, which empowered participants to share their stories through photos. Learn more about the Photovoice project and explore the different photos taken from the ACCESS Open Minds sites and councils.