• How we can help you

    We work with services across the country to help improve and enhance how they serve youth and families in need. We provide training, and we can help facilitate change management and strategic planning based on the ACCESS OM Service Framework including:

    • Integration of evaluation into care
    • Reducing wait times and increasing service impact 
    • Youth and family/carers engagement 
    • Delivering youth friendly services 
    • Among other areas and topics!

    All of our services are offered on a cost-recovery, not-for-profit, basis.

    If you are interested in working with us please contact us at

  • Research collaborations

    Are you a researcher working in the area of youth mental health? Get in touch! As the SPOR Network working in youth mental health we are always looking to help mobilize research into the real world.

  • Join our network

    Are you a part of a  service delivering exceptional youth mental health care? Are you a youth or family member interested in helping inform youth mental health system transformation in Canada?

    Do you want to join a vibrant network of leading services to share and learn? Get in touch with us at