An Environmental Scan of Mental Health Services for Indigenous Youth in Canada

There is an urgent need for culturally and contextually relevant, accessible mental health support for Indigenous youth. A web-based environmental scan of services tailored to Indigenous youth was conducted. The aim was to identify in-person mental health services that are currently available to Indigenous youth across Canada. Specific factors were examined for each program, including organization type and mission, types of services, and who provides services. Ninety-seven programs were found with three core features. These are summarized in the visual below.

These common features in mental health services for Indigenous youth may be promising avenues for communities seeking to strengthen the services they offer to Indigenous young people. Below, we have included an interactive tool where you can explore the different programs that can be found across the country.


Click on a province to find the number of programs that can be found there. In the “Organizations” map, you can locate and identify the organizations and learn more through their website. We know that we likely have not covered all programs/organizations across the country, so if there are any that you feel should be added to this list, please contact Cat Lau and we’ll work to update the map as soon as possible.