Our National Team

Behind the scenes, our national team based at the Douglas Research Centre in Montréal supports the network through: research support (data collection and analysis), training, finance and administration, knowledge translation, communications, partnership development, stakeholder engagement and anything and everything else needed to keep our vibrant network pushing the boundaries of youth mental health care.

Dr. Ashok Malla
Nominated Principal Investigator
Srividya Iyer, Ph.D.
Scientific-Clinical Director
Jess Chisholm
Director of Operations
Kathleen Charlebois
Qualitative Research Associate
Tanya D’Amours
Research and Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator

(Currently on Maternity Leave)
Marianne Dufour
Administrative Assistant
Géraldine K. Etienne
Research Coordinator
Chloé Guinaudie
Knowledge Translation and Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
Kathleen MacDonald
PhD Student
Valérie Noel
Quantitative Research Associate
Margot Nossal
Sites Coordinator
Stephanie Schami
Finance & Operations Coordinator
Ammar Adenwala
Qualitative Research Assistant
Cat Lau
Knowledge Translation & Communications Coordinator
Marilena Liguori
Qualitative Research Assistant
Alyssa Frampton
Policy & Communications Officer
Yvonne P.
Family & Carer Council Coordinator