IAYMH 2019: ACCESS OM Posters and Presentations

December 10, 2019

IAYMH 2019 was a major conference for ACCESS OM this year. Youth, clinicians, researchers and decision-makers from the ACCESS OM network flew to Brisbane, Australia to share their knowledge and experience of youth mental health and learn from other incredible initiatives. For those who were unable to attend or for those who did attend and want to relive the IAYMH ACCESS OM moments, here are the ACCESS OM posters and presentations that were presented:


ACCESS OM National Youth Council’s poster on partnering with youth on hiring decisions.

ACCESS OM National Youth Council’s poster on the ACCESS OM youth partnership strategy.

ACCESS OM RIPAJ’s poster on access to mental health services for homeless youth.

ACCESS OM RIPAJ’s presentation on their youth-led anti-stigma video project.

ACCESS OM Edmonton’s presentation on transforming the youth mental health system of care in Edmonton. 

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