Cree Nation of Mistissini, Québec

ACCESS Open Minds in the Cree Nation of Mistissini (Québec) is called Aaschihkuwaataauch ᐃᔮᔅᒌᐦᑯᐧᐋᑖᐅᒡ, which in Cree means “providing help urgently when people are in need.” The ACCESS Clinicians provide services out of the newly renovated Family Resource Centre, which is equipped with various types of clinical and meeting rooms, even a kitchen, and is co-located with other youth- and family-related services.

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  • Our Approach

    ACCESS Open Minds in the Cree Nation of Mistissini  is centrally located in the community and is next door to the Mistissini Youth Centre. A variety of clinicians, including art therapists, a family therapist, and psychologist, support rapid access to care in Mistissini through staffing the ACCESS OM space 5 days a week, with availabilities into the evening, if requested. The ongoing development of collaborations with other services in the community – such as youth protection, social services, school counselling services, and the local medical clinic – will further support youth to quickly access mental health support when needed.

  • Our Team
    • Ashley Iserhoff

      Director of Health and Social Development, Site Lead of Aaschihkuwaataauch / ACCESS Open Minds Mistissini

    • Tanya Coon

      Referral Coordinator, Administration

    • Jill Torrie

      Advisor - Surveillance, Evaluation, Research and Communications (SERC), Site Coordinator, Liaison, and Support

    • Gregory Brass

      PPRO Maanuuhiikuu (Mental Health), ACCESS Open Minds Indigenous Council Member

    • Maria Gordon

      PhD, Counsellor for Sabtuan Adult Education Services, Cree School Board (on leave), Coordination of Data Collection and Research, ACCESS OM Clinician

    • Julie Matoush

      Cree Nation of Mistissini, Community Research Assistant

    • Maïtée Saganash

      Corporate Communications, Community Research Assistant

    • Pauline Bobbish

      Coordinator (interim) Maanuuhiikuu, Travel and Accommodations

    • Tina Iserhoff

      Administration, Maanuuhiikuu, Travel and Accommodations

    • Reyhaneh Namdari

      Art Therapist, ACCESS OM clinician

    • Sarah Robinson

      Art Therapist, ACCESS OM clinician

    • Jeffrey Drugge

      PhD, Psychologist, ACCESS OM clinician

    • Gerald Kroetsch

      PhD,Psychologist, Previous visiting ACCESS OM clinician

    • Rosy Khurana

      Clinical Advisor

    • Justin Ross

      Clinical Advisor

    • Elizabeth Ashamock

      Cree Nation of Mistissini, AOM Family Council

    • Lucy Trapper

      CBHSSJB (past representative), AOM Family Council

    • Stacy Anderson

      Mistissini Youth Council, AOM Youth Council

  • Resources

    Download the latest Aaschihkuwaataauch brochure here

    Photos by of the Aaschihkuwaataauch centre by Reggie Tomatuk



  • Contact
    Ashley Iserhoff, Director of Health & Social Development Cree Nation of Mistissini
  • Location Open Map
    187 Main Street
    G0W 1C0,
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