RIPAJ-Montréal/Homeless Youth Network, Québec

The Réseau d’Intervention de Proximité Auprès des Jeunes de la rue (RIPAJ) aims to strengthen collaboration between community organizations and institutions in the health network in order to improve access to all mental health services for youth aged 12 to 25. RIPAJ is made up of organizations and specialized teams that have been working for many years with youth in very precarious situations in and around downtown Montreal. RIPAJ’s partners include youth workers and professionals whose expertise in the delivery of community services has been used in the creation of the ACCESS Open Minds model.


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  • About Us

    RIPAJ has been able to build the necessary bridges between the street, mental health and psychiatric services and the institutions and organizations involved to enable young people to achieve their life goals, i.e. to obtain a home and return to school or work in safe conditions. Regular administrative and clinical information-sharing meetings between the various stakeholders allow the establishment of a community of practice and the articulation of a common philosophy, while promoting a better knowledge of the partner organizations while respecting their particularities, so that there are no wrong doors to knock on to get help.

    The originality of the ACCESS OM-RIPAJ project lies in the flexibility and mobility of the workers, who can travel to the home, the street, community organizations, in short, wherever the young people are. In addition to mental health professionals who are easily accessible on various RIPAJ sites, an “ACCESS OM clinician” can act as the first point of contact for them or any referring person. An initial assessment of the youth’s needs and mental health status is offered within 72 hours of the request. Youth can easily reach the ACCESS OM Clinician by telephone (438-390-6910), by text message or e-mail, directly or through a family member or counsellor, to meet her at a location of their choice. Assisted by members of the support team, the clinician will refer the youth to the services required by his or her situation or difficulties, to front-line or specialized services if necessary, and will accompany the youth’s progress, within RIPAJ and in the health network, until he or she obtains the required services.

  • Our Partners
    CHUM - Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
    La Maison Tangente - An auberge in the heart of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
    Le Tournant - Improving the immediate living conditions of homeless youths
    fjttm- Providing low-cost, community-supported housing for youth at risk of homelessness
    Les Habitations L'Escalier - Shelter to help troubled youths aged 18-30
    ASTT(E)Q - Promoting the health and well-being of trans people
    CACTUS - Community-Based Organization for the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted and Blood-Borne Infections
    Le CRDM Équipe Jeunesse - Montreal Addiction Rehabilitation Centre
    Cirque Hors Piste - Promoting circus as a tool for social transformation
    Clinic for homeless youth - Integrated university health and social services centres
    Directorate of Youth Protection - Integrated university health and social services centres
    Diners St-Louis - Day/evening centre, transitional housing for young people
    Diogène- Offer services adapted to the needs expressed by adults with serious and persistent mental health problems
    En Marge 12-17 - Emergency, short/medium-term, and social housing with community supports
    GIAP - Alternative peer intervention group, accompaniment. workshops, training, awareness, group and individual intervention
    Maison St-Dominique - Social housing with community supports, specializing in mental health
    Médecins du monde - Promote and defend access to health for all, both here and around the world
    Passages - A place of refreshment for any young woman in need, without regard or judgment on her situation
    Refuge des jeunes de Montréal - Emergency shelter, social housing with community support and day services
    Spectre de rue - Supporting marginalized people towards social integration
    Premier Arrêt - YMCA - Street work, accompaniment, prevention/raising awareness
    L'ANONYME - Promote safe behaviours and egalitarian relationships and prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections
    Carrefour jeunesse emploi - Plateau Mont-Royal - Supports for young people between 16 and 35 years old in their professional development
  • Our Team
    • Diane Aubin


    • Amal Abdel-Baki

      Psychiatrist & Site Lead

    • Marie-Eve Dupont

      ACCESS Clinician

    • Romeo May

      Youth Advisory Committee Member

    • Chantelle Mireault

      Site Coordinator (Interim)

    • Montreal Youth Homeless Network


  • RIPAJ Youth Council