In the Spotlight: Alyssa Frampton

April 16, 2019

Earlier last month, Alyssa from the ACCESS Open Minds National Youth Council presented at the Crossroads Interdisciplinary Health Research Conference – a national, student-led health and wellness research. Her poster talked about how the youth council is facilitating youth engagement in this research project- click here to see full poster!

Here is what she took away from her experience:

“The Crossroads Interdisciplinary Health Research Conference hosted at Dalhousie University in Halifax provided an excellent opportunity to see what students, particularly those on the East Coast, are working on in health research. It was exciting to see that there is so much innovative health research happening both within organizations and from students pursuing graduate studies. This experience truly illustrated how many young professionals are making waves in health research. This was also a very exciting experience for me to have the chance to share the incredible work of ACCESS-Open Minds with a new group of researchers. I also really hope that by presenting on the value of youth engagement in health research that some up-in-coming researchers were inspired to more actively engaging youth in research that affects them.”

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