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ACCESS Open Minds Clinic

First Floor of the Bill Rees YMCA
10211-105 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 1E3

T (780) 415-0048 (hotline) *Please Note, this is a voicemail line. Please leave your contact information and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Edmonton, AB

About ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds (ACCESS OM) is a one of a kind, pan-Canadian research initiative that aims to improve access to mental health and addiction services for youth aged 11-25 years.


The goals of this initiative is to ensure:


  1. Early Identification
  2. Fast Access to Services
  3. Continuous Needs Based Care
  4. Youth and Carer Participation
  5. Appropriate Care

Learn more about the Edmonton site in this video produced by the Mental Health Foundation:


Participation in ACCESS Open Minds Edmonton


Reaching out to the ACCESS Open Minds team looks like this:


STEP 1) Contact our team:


Option A – We encourage you to come to our drop-in hours at the ACCESS OM Clinic. We’re located at the Bill Rees YMCA on Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm (noon) until 6:00 pm. There’s no need to call or email ahead of time. Like most walk-in services, there may be a wait. We suggest you bring a book or your phone to pass the time.


Option B – If these drop-in hours don’t work for you, you can leave a voicemail (780-415-0048) or email us ( One of our team members will get back to you to figure out how we can best support you.


STEP 2) Initial Screening


During your first meeting with one of our team members, you will discuss:

  • What’s currently happening that led you to contact us,
  • The things you are working on right now,
  • What supports you currently have,
  • Areas in your life where you are looking for additional support.


STEP 3) Connecting to Appropriate Services


During the first meeting, you’ll be given information about resources that you express interest in. If these resources require a referral, our team will assist you through that process.


STEP 4) Follow up


Our team will stay in touch with you until you feel your needs are being met. You are also welcome to return to the drop-in hours if you need a space to talk to someone.


Feedback from our clients

Why this project is important

Adolescence is a time of significant transition and development. Young adults face tough decisions about many new social situations and responsibilities including future careers, educational goals, substance use, and developing and maintaining supportive and intimate relationships.

It is during this life stage that over 75% of mental health disorders first appear1. Where left untreated, treated late, or treated poorly, serious short- and long-term negative consequences result. These can include low educational achievement, unemployment, substance use, risk-taking behaviours, crime, poor sexual and reproductive health, lower rates of independent living, self-harm, and inadequate self-care.  The longer a youth goes without help, the more severe the outcomes.

Although there are many mental health services available for youth and young adults, less than 25% of Canadian youth in need of mental health & addiction services, receive the care they require 2. This is often because of a disconnect between the places where youth typically present for help and organizations that provide the help they need. This results in most youth experiencing significant delays in seeking help, excessive wait times, and long, often traumatic pathways to care. It also contributes to disengagement of help-seeking youth, resulting in reduced youth participation, increased drop-outs, and minimal health benefits. Thus the need for improved access to mental health and addiction services for youth, is urgent.

For more information about this project, please refer to the following documents:

ACCESS OM Edmonton- Youth Postcard

ACCESS OM Edmonton – Project Overview

ACCESS OM Edmonton – Research Summary


Have questions about the project? Contact:

ACCESS Open Minds Edmonton

If you would like to make an appointment for yourself or on behalf of a young person, please email us at or leave a message on our voicemail line at 780-415-0048. Someone from the ACCESS OM Edmonton team will be in touch with you in a few days!

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