RIPAJ-Montréal celebrates summers, art, music

June 8, 2018

May 31, 2018: We all know the benefits of music on our overall health and mental health. And we also know that helping each other and working in solidarity can contribute towards wellness, too. This past May 31, a group of young musicians shared their musical talents and time to the employees and youth of the Chez Pops Day Center at a barbeque hosted on a sunny day, under Alys Robi’s beautiful mural. Kate, Nat, Al Lex and Josh supported the cause of ACCESS Open Minds, and are glad to share fuels them and gives meaning to their lives. They shared that almost all of them have participated in the activities at Chez Pops, and music is a way that they plug into the community. The RIPAJ-Montreal team was happy to share in the event with these musicians; the music was energizing and beautiful!

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