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    Guidelines for using the forms


    Photography, videos, and works of creative expression help tell a story and they draw more traffic on social media. As this is a human research project,  showing the “face” of ACCESS would go a long way toward achieving some of its objectives, including fighting stigma. That said, we need to obtain informed consent from all young people who (1) appear in images, videos, audio recordings, articles (2) contribute creative works that are to be used publicly by ACCESS. We also need to obtain parental consent if the youth are under 18. The two are forms designed to be signed once for the duration of the project, but they also allow for case by case exceptions.


    • Consent form for photos, videos, recordings, comments (to be signed by a young person when he/she is photographed, interviewed, filmed, etc.)


    • Consent form for public use of an original work (to be signed by a young person who allows ACCESS to use a photo, video, painting, etc. he/she produced.)


    The forms may seem long, but they are meant to protect youth and in most cases, they will only need to be signed once. Sites are responsible for providing all young participants/contributors with the appropriate forms, going through the form(s) with them to make sure they understand the implications of their participation, and keeping a correctly filled out and signed copy of the form(s) for your records. When content is sent to central office to be shared, sites are also responsible for mailing a hard copy or emailing a scanned copy of the signed form(s) to ACCESS OM’s communications coordinator for our records. A photograph of the signed form(s) will also be accepted, as long as the information is legible. Please note that we only need the actual form. Youth are to keep the first two explanatory pages.

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