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Three cheers for the launch of the new youth space in Ulukhaktok!

July 11, 2019

Mental Health and Wellness Programming Adapted to the Youth of Ulukhaktok

Together in partnership with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC) and the Ulukhaktok Community Corporation, ACCESS Open Minds Ulukhaktok, NWT is celebrating the public launch of the ACCESS OM youth space.

This public launch event will take place on Thursday, July 25, 2019 starting at 4:30pm in the afternoon, beginning at the Ulukhaktok Community Hall, and moving to the ACCESS OM Youth Space by 6:00pm.

Connections to meaningful activities

ACCESS OM Ulukhaktok’s mission is to provide the community’s youth with connections to wellness programming and, if needed, mental health services, in order to improve the wellness of the community as a whole. They aim to make services and programming more readily accessible to the youth of Ulukhaktok, as well as to their family members and loved ones by taking the approach that connections to cultural programming, including on-the-land activities and other activities that the youth find to be meaningful to them, is a best practice in front-line health and social services. Activities are led by two ACCESS OM Youth Workers, members of the community who act as leaders, guides, and supports to youth and families that participate in the activities. Community members of all ages identified that it is important that such activities highlight connections to Inuvialuit culture and traditional skills, and incorporate Inuvialuit-specific approaches to wellness.

Designed for and with young people

Because the ACCESS OM project is built on the premise that youth are central to the services they receive, its success depends on the participation of youth and their families and carers. Young people are valuable experts in helping to develop youth-friendly services. Youth in Ulukhaktok have participated in the conception and development of ACCESS OM since 2016, and the site team is looking forward to celebrating the official launch of the new youth space with youth, community members and partners, as well as other policymakers and stakeholders.

For more information about ACCESS OM Ulukhaktok and this event, please contact:

Meghan Etter

Manager, Counselling Services

Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

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