Edmonton, Alberta

ACCESS Open Minds Edmonton is a walk-in clinic for youth seeking addiction and mental health supports. At our clinic, we aim to provide a welcoming, non-judgemental, and inclusive space for everyone who walks through our door. Your wellness is our first priority, and we are here to work with you to meet your needs to the best of our abilities.


  • About Us
    • Drop in during our walk-in hours and check out our youth space!
    • We respect where you’re at. If you’re feeling a bit unsure about reaching out to an ACCESS team member when you arrive, no worries. You can always change your mind and come back when you’re ready.
    • Everyone will experience difficulties with their mental wellness from time to time. Our Peer Support Workers have had experiences you might be able to relate to and have successfully worked toward wellness. Let us know if you’d like to talk with one of them.
    • Sometimes the clinic is busy and you may have to wait a while to see one of us. We have free Wi-Fi and some games to help pass the time but you may want to bring a book or something else you enjoy. Bringing a friend or family member for support can also be helpful


  • Getting Help

    If you or someone you are concerned about are having trouble getting to the clinic, leave us a voicemail at (780) 415-0048 and we will follow-up with you to explore options.

    Connect with an Intake Coordinator

    When you’re ready, you can complete an intake form and one of our team members will connect you to an Intake Coordinator. In your first meeting, we usually talk about:

    • Areas of your life where you would like some extra support
    • Past or current experiences you’ve had which led you to contact us
    • Supports you have in your life (friends, family, clubs, sports teams, etc.)
    • Specific goals you have already been working on or are interested in working on
    Next Steps

    Once we get to know you a little better, and you’re ready, we’ll discuss services that can help you reach your goals. These can include:

    • Self-help resources
    • Support groups
    • Mental health and/or addiction counselling
    • Psychiatry
    • Group therapy
    • Recreational therapy
    • Education/income/housing/employment support
    • Ongoing Peer Support
    Follow Up
    • Our team will stay in touch with you to make sure things are getting better and explore additional options if you need more support.
    • If the first plan we make doesn’t work for you, please come back and we’ll work with you to make one that’s a better fit.
    • Remember, you are always welcome to come into the clinic during walk-in hours for some extra support.
  • Our Team
    • Ana Vitisin

      Mental Health Therapist - Intake Coordinator

    • Briana Dickie

      Peer Support Worker

    • Henry Huynh

      Clinic Reception & Administrative Assistant

    • Kathy Shettell

      Family Peer Support Worker

    • Lynette Northcott

      ACCESS Clinician

    • Maria Kim

      Research & Evaluation Coordinator

    • Nakita Dool

      Peer Support Worker

    • Owen Melsness

      ACCESS Clinician

    • Sam Platts

      Mental Health Therapist

    • Seren Kaiser

      ACCESS Clinician

    • Thomas Nakonechny

      Mental Health Therapist - Intake Coordinator

  • For Families
    The Importance of Family Involvement

    The road to recovery can be a difficult and lonely journey if we don’t have a friend or loved one to support us along the way. Someone who can acknowledge our accomplishments and help us through the tough times when progress is slow, or we feel stuck. We all have a basic human need for attachment, and this connection is essential to our health. This is why we are so passionate about honoring the role of caregivers when we support young adults in their recovery. What we often hear, is that in order to effectively support a young adult we also need to nurture those that love and care for them; whether they are friends or family. We know that supporting someone who struggles with mental health or addiction is hard work, and often confusing for a caregiver. Sometimes, the people in your life who care about you are often very worried and not sure how to best support you. At times, it can feel like they have lost patience, don’t understand your experience, or don’t think you’re trying hard enough. Most people are not able to manage the role of caring for a young person very well without some education, support, and skills to help them be the best supports they can be. The ACCESS team offers resources for friends and family members to help them cope with their own fears, and better understand what you’re coping with so that they can support you in a helpful manner.

    Resources for Families


Take a Tour

  • Contact
    ACCESS OM Edmonton
  • Location Open Map
    First Floor of the Bill Rees YMCA
    10211-105 Street NW
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5J 1E3
    Pay parking is available nearby but is limited
  • Walk-in Hours
    Due to COVID-19, please call us in advance to schedule an appointment.
  • Telephone
    (780) 415-0048 **Please note, this is a voicemail line – you can leave your contact information and someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible.**