National Youth Council

Hi!  Welcome to  National Youth Council’s page! We’re a group of awesome young people helping create the ACCESS Open Minds Network.

We contribute to the project by providing our expertise as young people to make sure that what the ACCESS Open Minds Network creates is more youth friendly.

We all have lived experience with a mental health concern and are excited about making better resources for other young people and ourselves.

If you’re interested in contacting the council, please email us. Just a heads-up: we are only recruiting members who live in the areas served by our sites at the moment.


To support Canadian youths and ACCESS Open Minds by giving young people a voice in their mental health care.


To create a real culture of change in youth mental health services by facilitating youth engagement across the ACCESS Open Minds Network.


  • We are all ACCESS Open Minds: remembering that youth are an important part of a greater network
  • Diversity: everyone has something to contribute and we respect diverse roles
  • Self-advocacy: everyone is an expert in their own experience
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Integrity: being honest, accountable, and reliable
  • Together we go forward
  • Compensation for contributions & expertise
  • Accountability
  • Safe and brave spaces



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